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Reply to "The absurdity of house to house registration."

ksazma posted:

Banna, I never talked about black this and black that until I got tired of reading your moaning and groaning about black this and black that. I don’t care to worry about the things that you are obsessed with.

You also wail about "Indians this and Indian that" Screams about daily rapes and killings of Indians and you have also done so.  All the cries about how Indians suffered under the PNC.  '

Funny that you don't like it if I told you that your whining about the PNC is the same victimhood that you accuse blacks of having towards the PPP.

Really the only difference in political behavior between the two groups lies in their attitude to ethnicity and nationality.  Blacks (as well as mixed and Portuguese) Guyanese view their primary identity as Guyanese with their ethnicity defining the type of Guyanese they are. 

This is why in Guyana a dougla can be seen as being black, or mixed, but never as an Indian, unless he can pass for one.

Indians see themselves as primarily Indian with their Guyanese identity to determine what kind of Indian they are.  And don't deny this until you are ready to tell us why the PPP's campaign plank was about "Moses say he not an Indian".  Granger has NEVER been asked what identity rooted in the continent of Africa he connects to.

Aside from that both vote race and condone abusive behavior by "their party", yet ironically wail that "their party" treats the other tribe preferentially.  They both vote out of fear of ethnic extinction, as neither have much good to say about their tribal leaders. That you cannot see this just shows what a bigot you are.

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