Reply to "The absurdity of house to house registration."

Baseman posted:

Bais, is just lil dirty politics that everyone engages in from time to time. How you think BJ pulled off Irfaan over everyone else?

The big problem the PNC have, their core base is smaller than that of the PPP.  So this means they need to pull much more mixed and other races to win. 

They were given another chance in 2015 but messed up big time.  They are desperately afraid of losing so quickly and the PPP returning and having access to oil funds to develop Guyana. 

So ease up on the race thing. The PNC and their core base feeling desperate.  Black People are good and decent people.

I hope if/when the PPP wins, they reach out and bring in some from the community in critical roles.  They need to be engaged.  They have a lot to offer!

was you able to provide Stormborn with examples of “ HYPOCRITICAL INCONSISTENCIES “ on the other thread.
Peace And ❤️ 

This is normal behavior of the people.  This happens is school yards, play grounds, street, everywhere.

Back in 2011 I did a post here and on another site called “Behind the Indian Psyche” talking about bullyism, herd/gang mentality, police and their role, ethnic cleansing etc.  My AFC padnas did not like it but knew it was true.

This behavior is handed down through the generations.  It is how it is and why Guyana will become Africanized.  It has been encouraged and supported for over 50 years, even longer.  Black kids are encouraged and grow into these adults.   

Forgive me for liking the attitude of America’s White cops 👮‍♀️!