That allegation of being most corrupt needs examination-Lincoln Lewis.

That allegation of being most corrupt needs examination

Dear Editor,

On Saturday 14th April, the PPP/C issued a statement to the media on the quality of governance being delivered by the APNU+AFC. That issued statement has within it damning allegations that could have dire implications for the people’s desire to bring about good governance.

In summation to the allegations made the PPP/C has pronounced that the coalition is the most corrupt government to ever hold office in Guyana.Governance is serious business, not to be trifled with or become fodder for any self-serving end. Where elected officials- government and opposition- are entrusted the people’s confidence to manage their affairs, they must do so with due regard for the people and the systems they have in place to realise this.Transparency International- the global anti-corruption watchdog-had during the PPP/C administration, based on its Corruption Perceptions Index, revealed Guyana ranked highest in corruption activities among its English-speaking Caribbean counterparts. This has resulted in the country being deemed as the most corrupt in the English-speaking Caribbean.

Today that the PPP/C has stated that “we say without any fear of contradiction that this is the most corrupt Government, which has ever held office in independent Guyana” such must be of concern to the Guyanese society.While a statement of this nature is being made, the media-which is classified the fourth estate-is being asked to continue to investigate and bring to the fore the facts as they relate to the pronouncements in that release. We are witnessing pronouncements and acts that have serious implications for development and the time has come for all of us to hold politicians accountable in every sphere of their activities.

Many of the constitutional commissions the PPP/C is calling for, during their tenure in government they refused to make the necessary appointments. The Human Rights Commission, Local Government Commission (LGC) and Public Procurement Commission (PPC) were never activated during their stewardship. The Public Service Appellate Tribunal (PSAT) and Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) were inactive for a number of years under the PPP/C.The importance of these commissions is that they serve to bring about good governance in society. Where the PPP/C government failed to have them established there’s no justification for the APNU+AFC government doing the same, though it is being acknowledged PPC, PSAT, ERC and LGC have been established under the coalition’s tenure.

Corruption is a serious issue and considered a human rights violation. It robs society of scarce resources necessary to bring about human development such as access to better education, health services, infrastructures, wage and salaries, etc.
It also threatens the people’s security in that it facilities white and blue crimes; and carries negative impact on the perception of the citizens, their acceptance and treatment in the regional and international communities. All efforts must therefore be made to suppress the beast whenever he raises his ugly head.

The APNU+AFC must not be allowed to continue the bad practices and egregious conduct of the PPP/C government. The Leader of the Opposition and the PPP/C must not be allowed to make statements without providing credible evidence for such only serve partisan objectives.All must be held to account and let the chips fall where they may. The society is called upon to take action wherever and whenever necessary, for it is time the politicians stop engaging in conduct inimical to our collective well-being.

Lincoln Lewis

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