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Reply to "Stinkin scum dem...Bouterse, Roger Khan and de Buxton gun runner mastamind"

Django posted:
Dave posted:
Django posted:
alena06 posted:

Abbie prezzy has attempted to delay elections, violated the constitution and ordered the shootings of the ballot box bearers. Y’all think Abbie can charge him too.

Do you have proof Granger was involved in 1973 the shooting incident.

Just asking .

Here is the denial

I believe Dr Jagdeo was head of the army in 1973.. you nah think so. Rodney was killed under Army head Dr Jagdeo and Pastor David Granger closed the investigation, or Dr Jagdeo would have been expose . rite Djanjo. 

What are you insinuating ???

Cut the Dr..Dr.. crap , some Guyanese have Phd and conferral and don't care to use it , some are Professors at top Universities in USA. Ayuh can fool the poorly educated East Indians , doan worry someday  future generations  will be highly educated and dumped ayuh .

Nah play stupid, you know exactly what I am saying.

Now to our king, the greatest politician in the Caribbean, the honourable Dr Bharrat Jagdeo.

Ayo let loose the animals to destabilize the country and topple him... he withstand ayo, he did what Dr Jagan couldn’t do.

Dr Jagdeo will guide Guyana to better tomorrow under the PPP government. 

Ayo rass done. don’t try delaying election... tell your god father Granger, if he knows what’s good for him proceed to the poll and don’t rig the election. Uncle Sam watching and waiting to put the hammer down . 

Long live Dr Jagdeo ! Champion Of The Earth. Long Live PPP. 




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