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Originally posted by Venkat:
hi ASJ,

I am sorry, but I have to disagree about the comparison to Nusrat. Raja is very good, and is strong in many styles. His "Haaji Ali" was superb in its own way, but it takes a very special talent to catch Nusrat's style, and I think Raja does not quite make it.

Mussarat Abbas, on the other hand, is a very good candidate for the successor's job. My opinion.

And Venkat, I will agree with you that Raja is not fully there as yet and it will take some doing before he gets there as early on, when Raja Hasan was part of the deliciously tackily named Eklavya gharana (the gharana with no gurus) he was an unknown quantity. But he was called upon to fill a gap and his singing was nothing short of revelatory. Just as he emerged as a strong singer, Kalyanji showed up as a rather stern mahaguru (judge) and inexplicably sent him packing.

Thankfully Vishal-Shekhar used the wildcardashtra and restored him back to the show. And he went from strength to strength becoming as the House of Reshammiya put it "the most hyped singer of the show". Combining a huge voice with an innate ability to find and grab the emotion in the song, he delivered several fine and entertaining performances. He came across as simple, gracious, diplomatic, friendly and respectful. This helped him garner top votes in the early rounds

If he can continue with combination of voice with an ability to project the emotions like he did when he sang "Maa Tujhe Salaam" that evokes tears from listeners then the future looks bright for him.

Hey we know that Nusrat is Matchless, once in a lifetime comes such singer of calibre.