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Guest's Comments

Kareena Kapoor - Splendid! You were fantastic! I want to give you standing ovation! The song you have chosen is my dadaji's favorite song. I have an emotional bonding with this song and whenever I am upset, I listens to this song and get cheered up. You stole my heart. I got emotionally choked! The softness, love in your song was very good. You will definitely make Pakistan proud.

Guru Graph

- 10 Points - Superb, Mind blowing. Aneek you have promised me to sing really well today. Amanat has already given a superb performance and is already ahead of you. He is also ahead in love than you. (Not Again!)

Vishal Shekhar - 10 Points - Today something was missing but you sang with full emotions and your voice quality is so good. So you deserve nothing less than 10 points.

Ismail Darbar - You are versatile singer. You sang the song very well. Do your job and leave the results to God!

Comments from Maha Gurus

Pandit Jasraj - You are Allah's Amanat. Pray that you get all the success. you sang very well even without getting drunk. Did a great job

Jagjit Singh - Fantastic, Outstanding, Out of the world. Ask Himesh what else. Then Himesh shouts Mindblowing. He asks what is his age.

Amanat - 19.

Jagjit Singh - 19 mein yeh alam hain toh, aage jaake kya hoga?

Comments from Maha Gurus

Shekhar - I never felt this is a contest going on. I felt as if I am sitting in a concert and listening to a professional ghazal singer. It was superb!

Vishal - Your voice suites ghazals.

Himesh - This performance excelled all the performances till now of any contestant. Umdaa, Kamaal, Afreen!!!

Ismail Darbar - I am proud you are from my gharana.