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Reply to "Stanley Ming developing US$200 million oil and gas shore base at Parika"

Baseman posted:
Labba posted:
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Billy Ram Balgobin posted:

Ming is gyafman. Don't believe those numbers. They are grossly exaggerated for political purpose.

He is the ultimate gyafman.  I once attended his conference on using the Singapore model as a guide for Guyana development.  The whole thing was a pie in the sky imagery.  None of the numbers he presented added up. Funny part was everyone in the room was mesmerized by his Nancy story.

I got up and pointed out all the errors in his presentation and left.  The room was silent after that.

So where did he or is he getting this $200 million from?  Let us not forget that he was a PNC Parliamentarian and he has friends in high places.

Hey hey hey...gurl yuh good. Labba call dem talk man...he and Eric deh talking bout dat Singapore fable foh dankey years. Dem tink yuh does juss build road and bridge and presto...everything develop. Ayoo see what happen to abie lord Bharrat berbice float bridge? Hey hey hey...

How come yuh know suh fram yuh cane juice and salara stand in Parika?  You wan gyaafman too?

Na is a Parika nabel string bury deh...hey hey hey.