Reply to "Standing up for America: Trump hits Macron for ‘non-answer’ on ISIS fighters, in tense meeting overseas"

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De man took the DOW to heights never seen in American history. This is just a small blip.

percentage wise...Obama did much better

That's the problem, the Democrats reached the top of the Bell Curve with the the worship of Obama. Now, they are rapidly declining and pining hopes on their deplorables to gain grounds.

==  Democrats are rapidly declining  ??? ==

Haaa, haaa, haaaaaa -- like you have forgotten that the Democrats won and in now leading the House of Representatives.

At the 2020 elections Democrats will win the House of Representative, the Senate,.. and YES .. also the office of President.

Repubicans are against homosexuality and so iz God. But, He did say that He will let the deplorables have their way. Trump is there to redeem America with his appointments of Supreme Court Judges. Imagine the man was rubbing up wimen and the Democrats were up in arms about him being immoral. Now, these self righteous pricks wants abortion, same sex marriage, gay rights and endorsement of a homosexual Presidential Candidate saying how he has oratory skills as Christ. Fortunate for America that The Trump is there with the Evangelicals, otherwise the fires of California would be raging in New York..