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Reply to "Stabroek News full of itself . . . haughtily REFUSED to take Gov't ads in May, then INSTRUCTED that Gov't may resume placing ads in July, now BARKING that the (resumed) flow of ads for September too lil bit . . . EXPOSED POLITICAL JOKERS AND HYPOCRITES!!"

Labba posted:

Hey hey hey...Ronie one love social cohesion bai want all de money flow to one kind peopkle...hey hey hey. Ayoo doan want comment pon de table? Hey hey hey...

i suggest you digest the article/post a bit more like a teachable adult and a little less like a frightened ANAND PERSAUD fan boy before commenting like a retard


NOTHING in the "table" points to the SUGGESTIVE, febrile, apocalyptic bullsh!t published here by SN management hunkered down in deep 'Power & Privilege' mode

i've contextualized y'all foolishness and done the math

that's right

oh, and btw, your FORCED Jagdeo/Granger 'equivalency' here is risible & sad, and only exposes your inner ignar, your nasty tribalism that excuses EVERYTHING unholy based on race, your pockmarked hind quarters, tail, cloven hooves, ectera, ectera, ectera . . .

uh huh

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