Reply to "Sleeping mom, 73, dies after drunken son sets her bed alight"

Baseman posted:

Isn’t there treatment centers in Guyana?  Alcoholism is an old scourge in Guyana.  One would think they will have rehab centers.  

Don’t know of any , but Guyana is a lawless state .

1. Village Council has allowed business owners to dump their scrap cars and metals next to major canals , it is a eye sore . I will post pictures tomorrow .

i spoke to residence who blame the previous government , the business owners had a family friend in government who ignore the council refusal , the situation has gotten out of hand .

trans pacific motor spares use half of a play field in Enmore  to park his vehicles .

2. Most police vehicles cruise with emergency flash lights on  , no vehicle pull to the side .. motorist don’t know if it’s a emergency .

3. Red flashing stop sign ... no vehicle stops, but the drivers understand each other .. they drive midway on the rd forcing the coming traffic to stop .. and this is normal . 

4. Pedestrians hardly uses pedestrian crossing , they will ignore he coming traffic and walk across the rd , some with babies in their hands .

5. I saw a driver with a 3 years old sitting on his lap holding on the steering wheel driving on a major public rd .

6. Contractors who cleans canal , leave the debris 2 feet from the canal which then washes back into the clean canal .. this become a on going process , contractors get a full time job and he bribe the council members who turns a blind eye .

7. Alcohol is like coffee to some villagers .

this is new :

After 6 pm , residence wait at street corners to transport famil members safely home 2 to 3 streets away . If they done , thieves will suddenly show up from park cars and rob these residence . 

Residence are afraid to take matters in their hand ... granger and Rumjat say don’t harass criminals .