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Dave posted:
VishMahabir posted:
Django posted:


I notice here that some people use words (I have been keeping a list since I been on this site) like poke, chum chum [chul chul], punani, sumutoo, nara, aloo, baigan, choka, dharu, roti, karaila, loli, paglee, prappa, etc


Kiddo, these are common words used in East Indian communities, from childhood it's heard and the English Language meanings can be derived.

Click on link below,you will find most of the words and their meanings

OK. That looks like an interesting site...will look at it later.

How can you tell which is Indian based and which is not?

Put on you Draaz and visit Django, he knows  nuff nuff thing, he gon teach you.

Drazz I know.

Yall should be more like Django...dont see him cussin out people out here.

Admit jus happy to see me here.