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Reply to "Serious Question"

Dave posted:
VishMahabir posted:

I notice here that some people use words (I have been keeping a list since I been on this site) like poke, chum chum, punani, sumutoo, nara, aloo, baigan, choka, dharu, roti, karaila, loli, paglee, prappa, etc

My observation is that they are primarily used by Indos (I think). I notice too that some people (non-Indos) simply don’t use them. Ronan, Iguana, etc don’t seem to use any of them. Some of them are not in a dictionary, so they are not necessarily English words. So here are my questions:

Are these words part of the Afro or Indo language they brought from Africa or India?

Are they based on the original Hindi language?

Are they “creole” words that develop over the years of mixing with Afro and Indo words?

Why does it look like one set of Guyanese use them?

Is a good patkay you want. You had claim to know what is lolie ... can someone find that post and let’s hammer it in his kakahole. 

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Knucklehead...why you so pizzed at the world? And why you cussin so early in the marnin? 

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Yes, some words I do know, but not others (which i have not heard)

Drink your cool aid and read the post again...slowly...I am asking about their origin in usage.