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Reply to "Serious Question"

Drugb posted:

I am not disputing that some form of wild rice was cultivated in Africa. In fact rice is a grass and grass grows everywhere. What is questionable is whether its foundation as a commercial crop began in Africa.  Also, not sure where you got your information of rice in Africa 6000 years ago. Please reference this article, it says China was the origin.

sand dancing klown

first you holler that blackman never cultivated rice in "Africa"

then you say that the rice in "Africa" is a wild grass and not real "rice" . . . athwart facts that show rice (cereal) was DOMESTICATED in West Africa over 3,000 years ago

yes . . . in the Old World ancestral lands of Caribbean and North American Black people 

your DUNCENESS exposed, you mek a non-sequitur pivot, muttering stupidly that what you really questioning is whether "its foundation as a commercial crop began in Africa" . . . whatever that means

in truth, you "dispute" and/or "question" NOTHING! . . . you just engaging in the shakeabatty of a lifelong 4th rater

so, keep bending over, i am more than prepared to apply heavy lash to your scaly hide . . . every time

the other stuff in your post is 'hopeful' red herring distraction to save face


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