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Iguana posted:
VishMahabir posted:

if this is the level of discourse that takes place in Guyana then maybe Trump is right to label this backwater country as a "s---hole" country.

The sad reality is that is seems like most of you here are Indos (my guess) who got nothing better to do with their time...rather than trade barbs...better be careful, if this is the level of intelligence reflected among PPP leaders (who dont give a heave ho about Indos) in Guyana then yall better be prepared to be out of power for 28 years....without being stereotypical hers, this level of discourse adds new meaning to the statement "dem coolies deserve what dey get" 

No wonder you dont see the likes of Ronan, Iguana and Carib getting in the sewer.

Admin, you should close this thread, its not going anywhere. 

KP asking if you have a penis. Skeldon man want to see a picture of it. "Dave" fantasizing about Django widout he clothes. Yugli man reading and dribbling, he imagination running wild with all of the above. Grown "men" with tendencies to buggery, all of them Indian, but they are NOT representative of all Indians. These are what would be called "country coolies" in Guyana, particularly by Indians in Georgetown.

Urban Indians like the ones from Georgetown are more sophisticated and mix more liberally with other races, cook and eat other than Indian foods, etc. They are more open to other races, music and cultures, and have a mixture of friends from other races much to the chagrin of the "country coolies" like Yugli and he crew. These urban Indians are often vilified by the "country coolie" types and referred to as "town coolies", "N.....r lovers" and suh on by Indians from the country. 

Re the buggery thing - I've read where this practice may have its roots on the ships from India which lacked women. You certainly don't see Indians from India so wrapped up in buggery like ah we Guyanese Indian pals from the countryside. Note yuh pal Nehru MANY offers to "bugger" those he disagrees with. It is in every conversation on this board where Skeldon, KP, Yugli, Dave etc. participate.

So don't paint all Indians like you did. There is a difference between urban and country Indians. It's part of the cultural differences in Guyana, though yuh gon hearing nuff wailing and screaming about this.

Now, there is similiar among Guyanese blacks, but it is not location based. It is economic based. Bourgeois blacks versus common blacks. "Elite" blacks like Granger, Trotman, etc. versus the more "common" blacks. Suh we have it too (minus the buggery). More class based than location based.

A lil "education" fuh you on yuh homeland. Use it wisely. And doant tun yuh back pon de crew above.

Why don't you PM Vish and help him with his many problems. You are suggesting to be a Bourgeois Black, in other words Town Man don't know about Buggery. Pretty Boy  Reptile, when you shit ,you don't use your hand to wipe your ass, well all of us do the same. So don't come here and profess to be a choir boy, primp and proper.

 Look it up , Vish asked about Loli and I asked him in kind. Never used the word Penis.