Reply to "Sell GAWU the Sugar Estates - they have the know how to make money and increased wages."

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Is PNC who closed down the sugar industry.  Dem can’t run Shyte. 
Dr ALI will reopen the estates and save Indos from PNC genocide and racism. 
Thank god that PPP started oil exploration.

PNC can only fete, sport, wine down, rape the constitution and ignore the law including CCJ ruling. 

How many years will that take ? looks like you want Indos to continue with that back breaking work , they have slaved enough , time to find other work .

Oil exploration was started years ago , new technology make it possible to drill deeper and extract.

Stop talking shyte!!  There is a way to transition people, and it's not shutting them off and throwing them on the street!

Were you voicing concerns when the Diamond and LBI was shuttered.

Diamond Estate workers protest for severance pay