Reply to "Sell GAWU the Sugar Estates - they have the know how to make money and increased wages."

Dave posted:

Reality.. eh. You are a suitable candidate who doesn’t live in reality. 

- Billions bail out Guysuco... the workers were paying back taxes from the earning and there was multiplier effects that benefits  all sectors.

- Sugar was still a foreign exchange earner. 

- The billions wasn’t given “ FREE “ like the billions that  is given to Linden to subsidize electricity with NO economic benefit to the country. 

If the sugar workers were all Afro, you will be a singing a different tune. 


Folks with your mentality , have the country divided .

Sugar is dead , killed by the PPP. Luckily black gold was found ,Guyana would have been a basket case for a long time.

No other industries was created by the PPP they were there for 23 yrs and claimed to have all the smarts, same old ..Sugar ,Rice ,Bauxite ,Timber and Gold . Damn the country importing Lumber.

Have a great evening.

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