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Reply to "Sean, India built a Wall for your boy Trump"

skeldon_man posted:
Sean posted:
Katahar posted:

Dem need to build more latrines. Too much roadside shitting

What going to happen if they start hanging over that fence and dumping along it ?

Hey Hey hey 

Too bad they don't live where there are highway overpasses. They might hang over the bridges and let loose on the rich folks BMW and Mercedes. Can you imagine 10-12 men hanging their bare asses over a bridge? Sean might not rent a BMW when he visits his Brahmin relatives in India.


Bai, I visited India and loved it. I stayed in Mayapur and loved it there. India is an interesting place. It goes from extremely wealthy to extremely poor. It also has the the world’s fastest growing middle class.

I saw worse poverty and drugs in some parts of American than I saw in India. 

Dem should build those types of walls in LA and Shyte on Pelosi and Schitt Schiff head as they drive by. It’s a national disgrace with the homelessness in certain states. It’s America’s dirty secret. 

I am going  back in 2022 for this:

Project  headed up by this good soul:


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