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Meh see people using this OTC card, rass y'all got it nice. Free card with money on it

That’s the good life in America.  There is no need to work.  Free food with EBT card.  Section 8 pays your rent. And when you need the world’s best healthcare just walk into any hospital and you are taken care of with someone else paying your bill. Dem stuppitt people who have jobs are paying billions of dollars for this good life.  Trump is trying to put the good lifers to work but that makes him a bad person.  God Bless America.

I had surgery on my elbow and was at the orthopaedic specialist. I saw a whole bunch of Somali men and women sitting there(about in their 70s). I said to myself, "why the f'k I worked 46 years in this country and paid all the taxes and I am still paying for medical care and medication?" Here all these people sitting there still living off of my taxes, never worked a frigging day in this country. I am sure they do not pay a penny for housing etc. Rest assured, I hold this opinion for coolies, Chinese

Bai Skelly, show some compassion na. It’s not like the Treasury is empty. You sounding like a conservative, leave that kind of thing to us conservatives. 

I am a progressive conservative and believe that there are people who genuinely need assistance and that governments can and should do more to assist the less fortunate. 

I remember a conservative friend who reminded me that every single dollar spent on the poor ends up back one hundred percent into the economy and the government still gets a handsome return on that money. 

Bai, you might have made an incorrect assumption on the Somalis. What if they also worked for over 46 years ? 

With Chrismuss coming, let’s be more kind and considerate. Jesus was a champion of the poor and less fortunate and we celebrate his birth with joy and goodwill. 


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