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Look Foreign Minista Singh,

Once the Maduro regime falls to the Venezuelan right wing with deep deep friendships in the Washington establishment, you'll see where American interests lie. Once again back to Caracas. This American flirtation is just a temporary fling.

Correct, the USA's interest is controlling Venezuela, not Guyana.  After they get their prize, they will reward the PNC Guyana with few glass beads and bread crumbs and send them packing.  The US always did, and will continue to, back Venezuela's claim to E'bo.

well, that is an easy lie to swallow for not-so-closeted tribals who would favor a dismembering of Guyana if kith & kin not in charge


lissen up antiman, the acknowledged outsize importance of Venezuela vs Guyana in no way allows for a change of borders in this hemisphere as fantasized by Maduro (or the Venez right wing) in the 21st Century


. . . typical (19th & 20th Century) 'romantic' visioning of bigot louts crowding out the real world



Listen banna, the best option for Guyana id to refer the matter to an international tribunal.  I believe Guyana's position will prevail.