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Reply to "Rickford Burke reply to Jagdeo - about the Senators Statement after visiting Guyana."

Django, why is Rickford video good to post his propaganda and this debunked by the congressman is not ???? Very interesting indeed.

UPDATE: US Congressman Meeks and Congresswoman Clarke Debunk NCN’s Post Claiming “No Violation of the Constitution”

Fellow Guyanese, with reference to a recent post I made calling on US Congressman Meeks and Congresswoman Clarke to validate (and if necessary clarify) NCN’s recent post which claims that the two Representatives stated that the coalition government did not violate the constitution.

Well, I have called and written to both Representatives offices in Washington seeking clarification. And I am happy to report that both Representative Meeks and Clarke have expressly debunked NCN’s claims. In an email response (see attached) the Representatives stated that the NCN post was a mischaracterization of their statement.

I appreciate the Representatives’ clarification. I hope I am wrong but I do not believe this was an accident. Instead, I believe this a deliberate attempt by NCN, acting at the behest of the current administration, to sow doubts into the public sphere and create frustration with the intent to score political points in the elections. I took this issue seriously because I believe in our Constitution and what it stands for, and I believe such a statement as reported by NCN inflicts irreparable damages to the Constitution.

You just don’t accidentally mischaracterize a statement of this nature. NCN must be called out for this and should issue a full retraction of the post, an explanation of how it was published in the first place, and further an apology to both the Guyanese people and to the Representatives.

Dhanraj Singh


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