Reply to "Rickford Burke reply to Jagdeo - about the Senators Statement after visiting Guyana."

Django posted:
Dave posted:

Django, who has time to analyze those links . Charles Ramson, take the CCJ ruling and puts it in context.. it’s posted about.
The question is, did the brilliant lawyer said anything wrong- Djanjo 

One must not always take someone explanation as foolproof ,especially when information are available and accessible. By doing that , if the person erred you will run with it, learned that since my child hood days. One have to listen, analyze the information ,then he can see if the person erred or on target.

Saying who has the time to analyze ,are lazy bones ,they don't want to find out for themselves.

What big case did Ramson wins ,to make him a brilliant lawyer ? or is it the last name that rings the bell. You guys worship people too much.

You getting smarter by the mins bhai..

Why I must believe  your explanation over Ramson .. 

Now lets sort this out hay.. if you believe Ramson explanation is flaw, why didn't you provide a rebuttal .. instead of posting Links per links of a court judgement. 

Are you one of those " lazy bones" - you post a few links and disappear.

Since when a lawyer MUST win cases to make him brilliant .. WTF

Here is Ramson credentials