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Django posted:

Lots of deflection from the intent of the thread , did the members of Congress said President Granger violate the Constitution ?

All one have to do is read  this 2019/07/2019-CCJ-14-AJ.pdf

The other links ,are details of the appeal.

Here is what it say bai. Those are all ruling against the Coalition. Look how many people that fool Williams had to pay in court costs.

[9] In all the circumstances, the Court makes the following declarations and orders:

a) The provisions of Article 106(6) and (7) of the Constitution apply to a No Confidence motion; 

b) Thirty-three votes constitute a majority of the 65 member National Assembly; 

c) Mr Charrandas Persaud was ineligible to be elected to the Assembly by virtue of his citizenship of Canada but his vote on the motion of no confidence was valid; 

d) Nothing in the anti-defection regime established at Article 156(3) of the Constitution rendered Mr Persaud incapable of casting his vote on that motion in the manner in which he did; 

e) The National Assembly properly passed a motion of no confidence in the Government on 21 December 2018;

f) Upon the passage of this motion of no confidence in the Government, the clear provisions of Article 106 immediately became engaged;                                      

g) Costs are awarded to Mr Jagdeo and Mr Persaud respectively to be taxed if not agreed. In each case those costs are to be paid by the Attorney General. In the case of Mr Jagdeo those costs are certified fit for two counsel; and

h) Mr Ram is awarded 60% of his Costs to be taxed if not agreed. Those costs are to be paid by the Attorney General.

Here is also what the CCJ said about the caretaker government. Conditions they continue to violate even today.

By convention, the government is expected to behave during this interim period as a caretaker and so restrain the exercise of its legal authority. It is this caretaker or interim role that explains the three month deadline, in the first instance, that the Article lays down, in principle, for the holding of the fresh elections.