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The Ponytail incident was witness by 2 Attys.and 2 Brokers,ED being one of them,few Real Estate Agents and 2 Associate Brokers.Vish said on the Spot "you Guys have to Pay ME".Well it was the most expensive hair cut,Associate Broker Leyland the Scissors man.NOT LONG BEFORE VISH BACK STABB HIMSELF.

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What level of depravity has befallen our community that so-called prominent members can swoop down on a poor man at will and humiliate him in a public? An incident occurred at a restaurant, the HUT, in South Ozone Park Queens a few weeks ago that has me incensed. Mr V. Mahadeo was assaulted by a group of thugs; yes I call them thugs since only a debased criminal mindset can set out to injure another in this way.
I am informed the incident unfolded in this manner. A prominent attorney called Mr. Mahadeo on his cell phone and invited him to come and meet with him. Mr Mahadeo arrived at the local restaurant, believing he was there for a meeting. Instead, he was set upon and humiliated. At first, he was verbally abused for his "errant ways". Unsatisfied with admonishing him in this way; they decided some physical coercing might better enforce their displeasure.

These stalwarts of the community, held him down, cropped his hair, (sheared off his poly tail) pulled off his pants and like college brats at a fraternity hazing, began pummeling their defenseless victim. But we are not dealing with errant young men! These are adults who like to stand on the podium at community events to be praised for their "good" works. They set themselves up as the chief talking heads and believe they know the trend and aspirations of the community.

What do we tell the kids? How humiliating is it for this father to explain to his young daughter and that his compatriots mercilessly debased him in public because they disagreed with him? I do not know what raised their ire against this man but nothing demands this form of response. Were their sinister logic to be enforced or Mr. V. Mahadeo a lesser man; street justice would have left a few bodies at the morgue.

These men have a democratic club to train our kids for political and community awareness. Maybe this is their idea of a new concept for democracy. Organizations like these are, by definition, structured to avoid malice of this sort. They are forums to reconcile differences and for one to speak one's mind with honor. Instead these pompous citizens debased a member of their community and insisted that he keep his mouth shut least worse befall him! They are sinister enough to carry out their threat.

The boldness in which this act took place speaks to this. This abhorrent incident unfolded in the presence of a dozen or so of our "community conscious" citizens. Our infamous realtor whose dealings already borders on the dubious orchestrated this act. Another disgusting aspect of this incident is the effort taken by our community newspaper and "spotlight" TV news to avoid publicizing it! Further injury was heaped on him when he was advised by esteemed members of the Queens West Indian Bar Association to forget this "lil nonsense"!

I hope our President hears of this and reassign his basement press conferences in NY. I hope also that he does not extend his hand again to accept any more donations from these vile creatures. These men cannot continue to have access to the heads of our country. It debases the office! We are watching with disgust. My hope is Mr. Mahedeo take this matter to civil court and sue the ass off the restaurant, the attorney involved, the realtor and the almost a dozen or so who were complicitious in this ignoble and depraved act.

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Creativity, you sure about 2 brokers and 2 attorneys? our resident archivist disagrees Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin