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Congratulations to Mr. Richard David and his his team of hard core supporters for a job well done.

Even though you were not elected you have set the bar high for other Guyanese to follow.


The guy is a kid so all is not lost. If he really wants to do this then he has 4 to 8 years to do two things.

1. Build a base on the other side of Van Wyck starting from now.

2. Work on getting NY raised Indo Caribbean people more involved in the political process.  Their parents have managed to survive without political involvement as is often the case with immigrants, so they might be a lost cause.

So right, so right, so right.  You are the most impressive poster on this site.   I will follow you, hope you don't mind!

I always knew Indo woMEN have the hots for CaribJ.  LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

I take that as a true confession from an Indo Woman.