Reply to "Rice exports bags US$10M more in bumper first crop"

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I would not be shouting from the roof tops about bumper crop since $3000 a bag is a far cry form $4500 a bag in 2015 before apnu took over. 

from previous crops to $3000 per bag of paddy.”With a bumper first crop, 

if they are making a profit @ $3000/bag then they have brought costs down and/or are increasing yields . . . meaning that the industry is competitive

that's far better than sitting on your inefficient ass, saddled with an unsustainable production set up and wishing for $4500/bag

that's Jagdeo sugar economics . . . look where it got we

How did you arrived at a profit of $3000/bag .

That’s not what he is saying.  He’s saying profitable at a price of $3k/bag.  Same question I have but asked in another way.  

We don’t have numbers but behaviors.  If the planters are losing, then why is output increasing?  Is there another magic at work?

i believe productivity and efficiency is having an impact.