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Reply to "Revised List of Electors 2019"

Dave posted:
Django posted:
Drugb posted:

Those who fetch pnc slopcan make statements without providing evidence to back up said statements. A typical ignar, pretending to be an intellectual.

I back any statements with evidence , do that all the time on GNI.  That's what irks most posters ,when they try to push propaganda.

There goes the problem Django....

Propaganda is a broad term, and we can interpret it’s intend when it is used to promote ones personal belief, like how you said, you are neutral and will identify the corrupt. 

But you are YET to call out the corrupt and corruption in APNU/ AFC in the same manner as you do with PPP. If you don’t see this as a problem, then we have problems in the future. 

Banna are you sure , i haven't call out corruption by APNU/AFC ? there are two that stands out ,both i have condemn.

I would re-state my beliefs regarding Guyana , which i have done before , no government should be anchored for long periods ,there should be periods of rotating government, the voters should make this happen.

Any way take a look at the meaning of propaganda ,it differs from neutral folks beliefs.

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