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The Rev will briefly explain why the APNU  + AFC Coalition failed


* You see folks, the APNU + AFC coalition was always a MASK.


* Actually,in life every FALSEHOOD is a MASK.


* And no doubt about it---APNU + AFC was a FALSEHOOD----therefore the coalition was a MASK.


* Now! With any MASK---no matter how well it fits---all it takes is a little examination to reveal the true face.


* Coming back to the APNU + AFC coalition---all it took was a little examination by the Guyanese voters---and the true face of  the APNU + AFC coalition was revealed----they were really the PNC.


*And once the Guyanese electorate understood that APNU + AFC was a MASK hiding the PNC---(50+1)% made the wise decision to re-elect incumbent Donald Ramotar.


* How many of you understand what I just wrote ? Only the PPP supporters would.



Idrine!! Hear wah happen ... I man got a rough week ahead and just had to check in for your jokes to start the week with. And bai... dis is a good one about all dis mask business. We got a man pon GNI heah who got the best best mask. He does pretend how 'e worldly and intelligent and because 'e eat lil sushi (like if 'e doan know sushi deh wild wild in 'merica), 'e smart. Da mek sense to you? How a man smart because he eat lil sushi one one time? Me bina eat sushi nuf nuf and watch how lil bit sense me gat.
But anyway, da man gat de best mask. Because da man ent even know how stchupid 'e stchupid.