Reply to "Ramjutun lies to sugar workers and neglect his portfolio also"

yuji22 posted:


Let us be objective here. You and many others supported the PNC in the last election. I do not wish to dig up your posts.

I appreciate the fact that you are speaking out against Ramjattan and Moses.

You see, all of this is too late now. Grainjaw is now setting up his rigging machinery and you and none of you who supported the PNC can do anything about it.

BTW, I used to post AFC = PNC during the election campaign, I was 100 percent right.

I can now add that AFC + PNC = Dog Shyte Economy. 

Grainjaw set up the Ministry of Presidency to castrate the AFC and they fell for it. Moses is of no value to Grainjaw now. AFC sold out their supporters.

Trotman will now very easily merge the left over dead meat AFC with the PNC and restore a Burnham/Hoyte dictatorship administration once again and you or none of you and do anything about it. 

Please admit that you made a HUGE mistake by supporting the PNC. No need to be cussing those who are now reminding you about it. I know that salt in the wound burns but the burning will cease when the salt has been absorbed. 

So take your salt for now because you did not vote, you are of no use to the opposition cause in Guyana. You can join us at GNI in blowing more smoke.


But YUJI, I will vote in 2020 if god provide me with life.  How about that smart man?