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Reply to "Ralph Ramkarran dons his tatty "Civil Society" robes . . . attempting to force GECOM Chairwoman into acquiescence to the UNDEMOCRATIC PPP will"

Stormborn posted:
ronan posted:
sachin_05 posted:
non se·qui·tur
noun: non sequitur; plural noun: non sequiturs; noun: nonsequitur; plural noun: nonsequiturs
  1. a conclusion or statement that does not logically follow from the previous argument or statement.
     Statements, querys about Court delay tactics, Gecom not related to the argument - what a freaking moron...

doan reach bai . . . dis ting lil above yuh IQ cohort

phone a friend, arite?

No it is your low IQ one makes fun at.

ummm . . . is dat the same "low IQ" postings you found positively "poetic" not so long ago before yuh family get into some court story with some Black folks in Guyana you were somehow disposed to reference as "PNC"?

turning you into a not-too-brite attack dog for Jagdeo and Irfaan Ali in their over-funded campaign to complete the STEALING OF GUYANA

huh . . . hmmm?