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Reply to "Ralph Ramkarran dons his tatty "Civil Society" robes . . . attempting to force GECOM Chairwoman into acquiescence to the UNDEMOCRATIC PPP will"

It is sheer malpractice for Ralph Ramkarran to pretend in public fora that Guyana functions under a "Westminster" system . . . especially after adoption of the 1980 Burnham Constitution.

"Westminster" PROPERLY applies to those jurisdictions with constituency elections among other obvious and important things ABSENT in Guyana.

The 'original sin' corrupting the the CCJ and lower Courts' decisions was the sanctioning of NCV based on a poorly-written, copy and paste Guyana Constitution that would require exceptional Talmudic scholarship to make sense of loose ends, out-of-place elements and contradictions on important aspects.

Alas, we have no Talmudic scholars, only an overmatched CCJ and political operators jockeying for power sporting the camouflage of "Civil Society."

the agonized stitching together of consensus on the way forward is a surprise ONLY to those opportunist who counted on surrender to their dark machinations by a caught-off-guard, naive Coalition Gov't.

The no-confidence vote was a naked FRAUD that we now know had NOTHING to do with the Democratic will of the People but the wish of the PPP to foist early elections on the Nation before planned House to House registration cleansed the current, expiring Voters List of phantom and other ineligible 'electors.'

Now, there are only 5 Commonwealth countries that elect a House using a "List" or hybrid "List" . . .

New Zealand (mixed PR/FPTP)
South Africa
Sri Lanka

I rebut Ralph Ramkarran [apologies if this was already done before the Courts] by all the above and a referencing of relevant authorities in the New Zealand example:

"A confidence vote must, by definition, be a party vote, with the party whips operating to ensure a turnout of members to support or oppose the Government. “Conscience” votes, where members are left to make up their own minds on an issue free of party discipline, cannot involve questions of confidence."

Again, please note that the 'gotcha' deception by Charrandass Persaud had NOTHING to do with DEMOCRACY and the will of the electors who voted the AFC and APNU parties into office,

only the WILL of Charrandass [and the PPP].

What a travesty.