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Nothing is wrong with what she did.


If a man macho Olympic winner can claim to be a woman, and we cannot laugh at such debauchery, what's wrong if this lady identifies with Afros?


The weirdos are salivating at what Bruce Jenner did, so why would we be upset at this woman?

I kinda like that actually.


I know a couple who lived on the Rice Lake Reserve, he's native, she's white (Irish). She knew more about the Indian and their heritage than many Indians along with her husband, she taught in one of the native schools. Maureen did much more for the community than many, she raised funds to help build proper facilities for the youth.


It is obvious, the woman in the photo feels comfortable around her new adopted family,too bad we can't all be,like her. When asked our ethnicity, we answer with whatever we feel like identifying with at that moment.


Surprisingly, this novel argument promulgated by Jay here is pretty sensible and I'm inclined to agree in part as well.


I don't understand why we need a race police. She did not try to legally defraud someone of something of value per se. She seems to have put a lot of work into crafting this new racial identity. I don't know why she couldn't have studied and enjoyed African culture without representing herself as such. At least 1 drop of recent African heritage might have helped her case.


Although, I still find it offensive when whites "fetishize" Indian culture as some cute new hobby. So I can understand why Blacks are deeply upset. With rare exception, it annoys me to see white people in traditional Indian clothes because it looks like some fancy dress party for bored white people.