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Bibi Haniffa posted:

Since when the PNC slaughtering of many Guyanese is malicious gossip.
"malicious gossip" actually references the cold LIES you tell, nothing about PNC slaughtering "many Guyanese" . . . and, to complete your circle of infamy, please identify exactly who slaughtered the other set of "many Guyanese" during that time?

Not because Burnham scratched the records mean it didn't happen.  My parents educated us about our history.
again, how did "Burnham scratched the records" again? . . . typical cowardly dodge to cover your lying tracks

You and Django were surprised to hear about the Jaikarran slayings.
the "Jaikarran slayings" are a matter of public record. The fact that you LIED about 10+ dead placed it outside the context of what i know and is known about the killings on the East Coast, both Afro and Indo . . . of course it is personal for you, your father and all, and it is unfortunate that the Abraham family murders sucked all the historical oxygen in the pantheon of single family tragedies of that time . . . but that is NO EXCUSE for you to lie . . . there is no reporting anywhere of 10+ dead and your father NEVER told you such a thing, correct?  

And that is only one example, the villages of Bachelors Adventure and Belfield and Victoria were cleared of Indians and Portuguese.
there are 2 terms i suggest you look up: "special pleading" and "sacred victimization" . . . you do realize that Afro-Guyanese have their own narratives, their own massacre stories to tell from that time . . . that too is history! . . . "Portuguese" is a nice touch; tell us more about how PNC/UF victimized them with the X-13 plan

I was born and raised in the PPP party. 
clap clap clap . . . you should try get out of the Freedom House bubble from time to time and learn the history of ALL Guyanese from sources other than The West on Trial and the eliding ethnic axe grinder you cite here 

I was born in the first freed African village in Guyana's history.
apropos what? . . . how exactly does that particular non-event expiate your nasty little ethnic propaganda turn?

I know my history.
too little of it; and nobody else's . . . obviously

your deploying multiple straw men to cover your tracks required point-by-point treatment . . . see above

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