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Reply to "President meets with Opposition Leader again on elections"

Baseman posted:
Django posted:
cain posted:

 Reminds me of something regurgitated here often, "dem does eat yo food, an when deh done, is bore deh does bore yo plate man"

No thanks whatsoever, but instead, insult. 

The greatest i have learned growing up without a golden spoon, i will rather starve than satisfy my hunger accepting food. i am very cautious of accepting a meal from folks, will make excuses for not accepting.

Only dutty people coined and utter such insults.

The dog the brings the bone, also carries the bone.  Anyone who talks down of food they ate, even from their siblings, are dangerous and dutty creatures!

You saw I attended that PPP meeting in NY, first ever for me, I never touched the food.  Even if I’m starving, the stray dogs could have it.  I had a beer with one PPP GNI Banna 16 years ago, I hearing till today I want free beer.

Them Crab Louse can gorge and get fat and lethargic on their own supply, I prefer to eat lilbit, but do so with dignity!

You going to 56th birthday bash?