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Reply to "President meets with Opposition Leader again on elections"

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Ms Ali, I hope you’re not a drunk.. because is only drunk does listen to Nagamootoo 

Nagamootoo did more and stood up for the PPP much more than many but because of HIS CHOICE he is everything but a human being, you people should be ashamed of yourselves. Reminds me of something regurgitated here often, "dem does eat yo food, an when deh done, is bore deh does bore yo plate man"

No thanks whatsoever, but instead, insult. 

I gon Address your “ HUMAN BEING “ comment. Yes we should forgive,  as non of us are perfect . But how much time you should forgive that person if they don’t even demonstrate some remorse and recognized their faults. 

Nagamootoo did wrong things within PPP when Cheddi was alive ( when PPP was in the opposition) Janet and some CC members want him gone. It was Cheddi who kept him. 

Naga is on video at a PPP public meeting as saying “ he will never be a nemakaram “  see the video here

When Naga jump ship and joint  AFC, he did so on condition of getting the PM portfolio although he was NOT one of the founder member. He went to Whim and told his supporters to vote for AFC, the AFC will NEVER join with PNC. 

Not only have Naga join forces with PNC, but he is in bed with the same people at congress place who beat and torcher him in his early political life. 

Naga lied on Cheddi Jagan, claiming he was promised the president position. 

When PPP won election in 1992, Nago took time of for two years to study law much to the displeasure of his colleagues who said “ we now got into government to rebuild the nation “ 

Naga then insult PPP of having a donkey cart economy with big pay raise. But the same traitor empty the tax payers money to enhance his Cadillac lifestyle with customized million dollar vehicle. He brought in duty free 20 vehicles that is used for out riders and his personal use. He rebuilt the street and playground to his home in Linlendaal. He gives himself a 50% increase in salary and double his pension. 

He said the residence where former PM Sam Hinds was living is not fit for a dog - he spend millions in upgrades. 

While enjoying his Cadillac lifestyle, he turn his backs on Sugar workers who he was fighting for during his political ambitions. 

He is on record as saying the NCM defeat means APNU/ AFC will go to the poll. He is known for speaking with many mouth .. we all saw what he did now.

Today Naga is causing conflicts and setting strife within AFC for the PM position, he turn around to contest the position with Ramjattan ( one of the founder who was instrumental in bringing him over to AFC) 

Hey I can go on and on about this traitor Naga. How much more forgiveness you want for him. 

That “eating food and bore the pate bottom “ has many meaning. I gon give you one. 

In Buxton company path rd. There is two sets of Putagee families born and raise three generations families - the Vasconcellos and the Periarra . Vasconcellos- The father has a retail liquor store and son - a general store, they provide food and employment to Buxtonians for decades. During the 1997 violence , the same Buxton residents threatened them, they had to leave their homes where they were born in. 

Across from the Vasconcellos was the Perierra - a big mining company ( they provide hundreds of jobs also to Blacks ... they were driven out. 

So, these Putagee businesses were feeding the community and them blacks Afro Negroes turn around and bore them bottom . 

Before all that occurred, soon as Naga jumped ship he was called derogatory names, he was called a # igger Indian and other nasty shyte, that is what I am speaking about, it had nothing to do with the rest of your post of which I am aware. This is because Indians feel the PPP is the party for Indians regardless of their actions, same as some blacks view the PNC.

I think the reaction from PPP supporters towards Nagamootoo jumping ship was because Nagamootoo himself professed that he for him to do so, he would have to be a neemak haram. Therefore we just started calling him what he said he would be  he joined the AFC. What made him worthy of the deeper disgust was the appearance that he only joined the AFC because they agreed to let him be the PM candidate demonstrating that his actions was driven by personal greed and not the motivations he once espoused causing him to regard himself as a neemak haram if he were to join the AFC. I am not a PPP supporter but I side with the PPP because I am definitely against the PNC. It is now a binary vote between the PPP and PNC. However, I liked the AFC when they were independent as I saw them as the power broker between the two major parties. They could have played the pivotal role in ensuring that all citizens get a piece of the pie. By joining with the PNC, they initially allowed themselves to become diminished and today, they are a virtually nonexistent party.