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President Granger and Prime Minister Nagamootoo to blame for racial discrimination

President Granger and Prime Minister Nagamootoo

President Granger and Prime Minister Nagamootoo

Dear Editor,

I accept that the PPP/C was replaced as the incumbent Government. It is for the Courts to rule on the outcome of the 2015 Elections but as the only Opposition Party, the PPP/C must defend and promote the rights of all the citizens of Guyana.

The ongoing relentless arbitrary if not discriminatory acts of removing large numbers of people of East Indian descent from their positions within the Public Sector certainly isn’t a good sign for Guyanese. Immediately upon assuming office, the Government placed all emphasis on removing employees perceived as being friendly to the PPP/C, a majority of whom were East Indians, from the Public sector. I’m not aware of any of these positions receiving East Indian replacements.

The Prime Minister is clearly muzzled and dares not oppose his President as not only did he fail miserably in “bringing 11 percent of the East Indian votes” to the APNU/AFC coalition, he has also failed on every other promise he made to all Guyanese during the Election campaign. He has not once come out in defense of the actions of his partners in Government or in objection to the ethnic discrimination currently ongoing. This is a man who swore to uphold the Law and fight for justice but seems to be a failure.

It is clearly unacceptable to use derogatory words to anyone but to do it in Parliament and not be sanctioned by the Speaker is what East Indians in Guyana need to take note of and be very worried. If this can be acceptable to the House of Parliament then it is definitely going to form a precedent in the country’s history.

Prime Minister Nagamootoo and President Granger are both to blame for this current level of racial discrimination as they are by their absolute implicit actions, creating an incendiary device to be lit under their watch.


Faoud Khan

The ideological space for racial bigotry is reserved space by indians. Lets get one fact to the fore. No one has taboos about miscegenation or fear race mixing or loudly insist others are intent on sexually subjugating their women via National service of on entry into the security services.


No other group loudly proclaim their aptitude for business or management or doing whatever it is that needs to be done and vociferously shout down the inability of others for even attempting those offices. This is the reality, the bedrock of a belief system that is firmly implanted in the minds of many indians and inculcated generationally discounting the real history of origins as the oppressed subaltern, backward status over centuries in their home world.


There is something to psychologically damaging to the above and it manifests itself in all sorts of pathologies. It is the reason the political ideological space of the PPP party locates its support in the indian community and build its philosophy of right to rule. It centers itself on the unspoken presumptions that their latent competencies means governing the state as a  genetic inheritance from their  Caucasian brothers idea of the "white man's burden". It is easy for an indian to shout and feel validated to the core that "black man" or buck man" cannot do anything. It is a natural as sneezing to many.


This entire malignant campaign of disunity and claims of reverse racism is again the pathology of the same disease. Granger cannot govern well. The perilous state state the nation is in is not a legacy of the PPP corruption but again is the black mans incompetence. How dare Nagamotto insist he is Guyanese and Not Indian at the GOPIO conference! Note these very people did not remember the GOPIO president saying Guyanese indians are as their black brethren in Guyana backward and lazy and   not the same Indians as of India!


The Guyana Times, built of the loot from the state is now guided by the quintessential Indian racist Ravi Dev about black racism. This is the man who wanted to create two indian only states in Bebice and Essequibo and a black state in Demerara while lumping the Native peoples in land locked Rupunini and think it is a fair deal. This is the man who just made a speech in India with the full authority of the Minister of Finance that Guyana is a place for indians and ready for Indians in India to come and become rich.


My hope is Granger is not goaded by these racist bitches into reacting negatively. Black racism as Amerindian is always reactive. It is time to be proactive an be a fair ruler. There are enough good people among the indian community who will not be swayed by this malice of the racist crowd that his government means black people is out to get them. It is time we see a transition away from racial hegemony into a society where merit over nepotism and competence over friends and family causes a person to get a job. Guyana cannot move forward without the reliance of good people from whatever ethnic group to fill positions and work for a common end.


Useless garbage from one who thinks that a skakwinki is a parrot. Do you know where Guyana is? When last you experience life in Guyana? You know nuttin' about Guyana. You are the worst racisit on this board pretending to be neutral. Go take a shit somewhere else and save some digital space.