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Reply to "PPP promises sweeping changes if elected"

Jagdeo mekking promises but nutten to do wid oil

Anybody can mek a promise. Some promise people does tek seriously and some of de people who mek de promise does change dem mind as soon as dem get wha dem want.
Dem boys know people who promise dem gyal how dem would marry dem if only dem gyal give dem something. Nuff women does be stupid enough to give up and dat is when de promise does disappear.
Soulja Bai promise nuff thing, but only some he fulfill, because he had to overcome problems wid some of de others.
Jagdeo use to mek promises too. He did promise to mek de Skeldon sugar factory wuk even if he had to use he own hands. He come out of office and Ramotar tek over. Jagdeo couldn’t seh he didn’t have time. Ramotar come out of office and de factory still not working.
Now Jagdeo mekking odda promises. Yesterday he seh if de PPP get into power, he gon mek sweeping changes. Dem cleaners get excited. Dem feel dat Jagdeo gon do away wid de brooms and bucket. But dem gon be disappointed. De man mean something else.
Dem boys want to know ‘bout some of de changes. Of course he gon change all dem Permanent Secretaries and dem Ministers. He gon promote some of he friends and bring back people like Kwame. But what about de changes wid dem oil contract?
Of course, if he was in power, de people of Guyana woulda never see de present contract, suh dem never would have had anything to complain about. Jagdeo never release dem contract, he always claiming confidentiality clauses.
He now promising free university education. He was de one dat introduce fees in de first place. He promising 20,000 scholarships. Dat mean everybody gon get a scholarship and any oil money would pay for it.
De man ain’t promise to change dem oil contract. De Hess boss man actually tell de media dat Jagdeo tell him dat dem contract gon remain. De promise dem boys want hear is one dealing wid dem oil contract.
Talk half and wait fuh de real promise from Jagdeo.