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Reply to "PPP promises sweeping changes if elected"

Baseman posted:
ksazma posted:
Dougla_80 posted:

@Baseman I was thinking the same...But at least its good to know at least (last count) 40% of the population is being catered for 

He covering all bases. Here is another 40% of the population being catered for.

Bull shit.  He catering for the 40% of business people, civil servants, Discliplined service, etc.  He is not catering to the 30% Indian, Afros, mixed living in abject poverty whose children don’t attend schoo.  And the 50% Amerindians who fit that category!

Those proposals lack ingenuity, vision and any out of the box thinking!  Pure stale mauby!

And all Ayuh cheerleaders here on GNI just like he.

As Taylor Swift said, you need to calm down. 

Now about promises, how did that fully loaded AFC manifesto and APNU/AFC promise from 2015 work out for Guyana?

Yuh think black people chastising PNC supporters for being cheerleaders? Y'all too decent fuh y'all own good bai.

Black people never have tuh seh "we de reason PPP in powah"? Oney crabdaag coolie can mek de claim dat dem help PNC get in powah.