Reply to "PPP Presidential hopeful may have used fraudulent document to enter University."

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IMAGINE....lets assume that this information is true....this young nitwit could end up holding the highest office in the country....

It is no wonder that:

1) Corruption stinks to high heavens in Guyana because it starts with the biggest of all crooks ...the politicians

2) These men act like they could never be caught with their stealing ways, which seems to be ingrained in their is no wonder that Afros really believe in the stereotype that ALL Indos are corrupt, devious and thieving skunks...

3) These malfeasance, lies and corruption can only happen when sheep refuse to question their leaders. Most Indos are poor and uneducated in Guyana...because of this the PPP and their leaders feel that they can do anything in office and they will not face a rebellion from below from their own supporters....and the BS continues in Guyana...and the best and brightest of what Guyana has produced looks on helplessly from outside the country and wonder what has become of a country once boasted about  it “bread basket” (to borrow a term from Iguana) fame.

4) The problem with the PPP is that they have now become a party of mediocrity and incompetence because there are only party hacks, not intelligent people else can a nitwit like Irfan and the others in the PPP rise to the top so close to power....I don’t know if you Indos on GNI can comprehend this....but it is another reason for Afros to throw up their hands in the air and raise hell when they see this kind of nonsense taking place in Guyana...y’all will need divine intervention to govern Guyana if a knucklehead like fat boy IRFAAN is sitting in Granger’s seat after the next election....yes....all of you Indos like KP, Sheldon-Man, Dave and others here on GNI wil come here and bark at what I am saying

5) For the record, there are other charlatans, who claim to have degrees of advanced education...Peter Ramsaroop, Vishnu Bandhu, Bharat Jagdeo....etc.



Yuh know, your commentary reads like a racists. The trouble with Guyanese ppl is pure and simple racism and yuh fell into that pile of crap.

The ppl can't help themselves. 

You win the prize for the most asinine comment tonight....focus on the message not the messenger...

The irony is that yall seem to ignore the fact that the country is divided...

Next you gon try and convince us that both the PNC and PPP are multiracial big tent organizations.