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Reply to "PPP Manifesto excerpts....will give my comments later...."

Baseman posted:
Labba posted:

Hey hey de dunce Labba wonda what dem university lecturer salary go be like...wid all dat freeness. Anyhow dem bais done seh yuh doan need book sense foh run kuntry...abie need roger khan sense...hey hey hey. Or abie cyan juss get wan West Coase transcript...hey hey hey. 

Dem PPP bais gat good idea bout de VAT though.

Constutution reform?? Hey hey hey...dem bais just throw out two word deh foh abie.

Crime? Ayoo wait till de political destabilise start from dem PNC/WPA mastermind bais...hey hey hey.

Amaila? Hey hey hey...

Diaspora? Hey hey hey...once yuh is a bai like Raj Sing...yu arite! 

Anyhow...PPP is perhaps de bess of de woss lot foh run de kuntry. 

Yuh getting tiefman no matter how yuh twiss or turn it...hey hey hey. 


How does any other state worker get a salary?  How are school teachers paid?

No form of education should be a commercial venture!  Education is a national investment in the nation's future!!

Ayuh must think before ayuh burp!

Hey hey hey...yuh know me does cut lil juss want know bout de salary dem go pay dem UG teachas dem...hey hey hey.