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Reply to "PPP Machiavellian tactics"

Originally posted by Wally:
The PPP generated into a Jagan raj. Where all PPP members and supporters had to show their absolute loyalty and worship of the Jagan Royal Family in order to remain loyal PPP supporters.

The Jagans became in a sense The Royal family of all East Indians of Guyana.

For many Guyanese indians their indian identity was also defined by how much they worshipped the Jagan Royal family.

In a sense PPP members became Jagan Yes Robots.

PPP members started to compete with each other to see who can carry the most news and gossip to a highly paranoid Janet .

For most members this became a sign of who was more indian or who was more loyal to the Jagan Raj and the PPP.

Then the highly paranoid Janet would then turn her attention to the offender be it Moses, Boysie or the many others that were completely wasted by the Jagans over the years.

This is why the bitter machiavellian taste is left in the PPP party. A legacy of the Jagan raj over the PPP.

Wally, only recently, in Gerhard's topic "Pics of the Jagans", you took offence when someone remarked that you habitually demonize the late comrade Janet Jagan. In fact, you asked: "When did I demonize Janet?"
Well, Wally, your latest post here is additional evidence. If your describing Mrs Jagan as "highly paranoid" isn't demonizing her, what is?