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PPP Machiavellian tactics

The reopened claims and objection is Machiavellian
July 22, 2011 | By KNews | Filed Under Letters
Dear Editor,

Reading Hydar Ally’s missive on the re-opening of the Claims and Objection period clearly left me mystified. Rather than feeling proud of this man, whom I once share common membership of a political party which once believed in free and fair and free from fear elections, I feel ashamed that today he is attempting to give legitimacy to the PPP Machiavellian plan to delay the elections.

Elections delayed represent freedom denied. This so-called advocate for delaying elections for unjust reasons is now on the wrong side of history and time is not on his side or the side of his Presidential Candidate Donald Ramotar.
Mr. Ally stated that he is “baffled by the logics of the opposition parties” against the reopening of the Claims and Objection period. The PPP has advocated for the opening of an opportunity to violate the constitution deadlines and this can cause undue physical, mental and economic stress on the ordinary people since it is as easy as ABC for the rulers to post their family overseas during periods of electoral stress.

What the PPP is demanding is most unreasonable. Even in the best democracies, registration of 100 per cent of the potential voters is not achievable. Even if we re-open the Claims and Objection period for another year, 100 per cent or even 99.5 per cent registration is not achievable. The facts revealed that the National Register of Registrants (NRR) is estimated at 470,000. The PPP claims that some 5,000 persons remain unregistered. That translates into 98.9 per cent of the eligible population as being duly registered.

So why does the PPP want the elections to be delayed to satisfy a number in the sky of 5,000 potential electorate, whether they exist or not, to the awkward inconvenience of 98.9 per cent of the potential voters?

This letter is about the unaccountability and deception of the PPP on this whole Claims and Objections process. The party’s determination is to delay the elections and Dr Surujbally and Williams fell for the oldest trick in the book.
The PPP has failed to reveal the empirical evidence on these 5,000 persons and where they reside, at least regionally. For GECOM to fall for the oldest trick in the book, a typical PPP numerical massage; is most unfortunate. Many will be holding Mr. Steve Surujbally and Mr. Robert Williams accountable for this potential national disaster in the making since there is no clear justification for an extension.

Any decision of this strategic nature should have been accompanied by a sound opportunity cost/benefits analysis. The flawed decision clearly revealed that a majority of GECOM’s Commissioners did not do their home work.
I suspect there was much opportunity for manipulation in the final decision and more importantly, there is much reservation around the position of Mr. Robert Williams. I plead with him to publicly submit himself to the media to explain himself or surrender himself to the dustbins of history as one of those – “Et tu Brute”.

What GECOM has not factored into their decision is the fact that the PPP is desperate to recover the lost political grounds lost to the AFC. What GECOM has not factored in is that times have changed and the people are ready for an election in 2011, not 2012.

It is becoming more clear that Donald Ramotar is an under prepared candidate to lead Guyana and this is causing the PPP to much agony. So much agony that they will clutch at any opportunity to save themselves from a landslide defeat.

Thus this Claims and Objections issue is not the “causa belli but the casus belli” — not the cause, but the occasion for delaying in the elections.

The PPP deception is further exposed when the PPP Minister of Home Affairs fell short in explaining himself as to why his Ministry botched the project to get the source document for these so-called un-registered voters since 2008.

This Ministry is filled with a number of “goat sure” strategies and plans but none of it could have produced and delivered the source documents for these alleged un-registered voters. This is a “piece of cake” project but under the “goat sure” Minister it just did not happen; so much for strategic mental mass.
The truth is none of these PPP political gymnastics is about strengthening the democratic system; it is all about buying time for the unsure, unprepared, under skilled, untalented, uncharismatic and the not ready – Donald Ramotar.

Why do you think he is DUCKING the DEBATE with Ramjattan? Well they can delay the elections by, two months or a as my nine-year-old child said at Disney last week on our vacation, “a Donald Duck month”, electoral licks will still be shared like peas when these elections are held on the PPP and PNC by the AFC.

Just read the latest KEY newspapers on for the evidence and no media blackout from the unsold Chronicle will stop the wave that is coming.

Sasenarine Singh
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