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Reply to "PPP left sugar in ruins"

Sean posted:
ksazma posted:

Interesting how Hinds thinks that he can win support by promising handouts. Interesting how he thinks that handouts appeal to his people.

Jackass Hinds said dat black people in Guyana should put down tools and wait for aile money. These chaps have no vision for development and motivating people to work. This is the PNC version a "good life"

Aile will be done in 10 years and then what ?

You missed my point!  My point, don’t blame the people.  If that’s what they want and someone able and willing to provide, it’s how it works!

Those problems you mentioned did not start in 2015!  Bribery and corruption and infrastructure issues existed for a long time!  When I visited, my first observation was everything being imported!

We always hear this and that and yet we recently saw a young coolie gyal from Parika started up her Zappa Farms brand of package foods!  Don’t she face the same hurdles?

Yes, oil will be done!  Hopefully they invest in power and infrastructure to catapult the economy!

This is why I tell ayuh don’t give Exxon too much headache or they recover their investment and tell ayuh tata!  Make the best of it.  Don’t listen to the fools who say stick it to Exxon!

Guyana put nothing in but getting billions out!  Dont be too scraven before ayuh leff white mouth!