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Reply to "PPP left sugar in ruins"

Baseman posted:

The argumentation is wrong!  If there is a market for cut okra, why did a local supplier not take up the business and lobby the Government to apply duty on imports?

If that’s what the market demands, then don’t argue with the market. Just address the needs!

Do you know they import bot water.

Tamrind balls

Plaintain chips.

Just to name few items. 

Another big business is Dog Foot. 

You need to pay a visit to Guyana. 

Lobbing the government for duty free is not the issue. They don’t have the infrastructure, poor drainage and roads and unreliable power supply. 

Before the businessman gets his approval for duty free, he has to bribe every Tom, Dick, Harry and  Redux . You nah know how the thing wok. 

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