Reply to "PPP fund raising dinner NY $200.00 tickets"

Baseman posted:
Bibi Haniffa posted:
Baseman posted:
Sean posted:

Miss Bibi, you taking like Ralph now bout PPP misconduct.

List PNC “good” conduct Na ?

Look story here, you reduced yourself to quoting a racist like Carib G. No wonder dem Kulie suffering cause people like you does sell we out for lil soup and a pen knife.

Hey Hey Hey

Bibi funny rass!  I read and laugh!  She say dem is PPP blood and that blood thicker than water!  But some blood tun gangrene while some tun PNC soupy meanwhile duh alter ego pon Globespan 24/7 seh big up “Volda hire only PNC”  fuh prezzy!  She cuss out Dr Irfaan Ali PhD😁, now she “hosting” him!

Pyooooo skyattah brain shyte!

With friends like that who needs enemies!

You don’t worry about me and my family.  We serve our country.  Your father was cutting coolie throat to get flour and dhall and then tek Burnham money to go and learn to plant coconut in Africa.  Your brother driving around Granger in Brooklyn like a slop can boy.  None of you have any education or employment status.  PNC soup is never enough for you.  

Do I look worried about you and yuh fambly?  Gyaal gwan Suh!  Me learn more about yuh fambly from you. Before, I hardly knew or cared!

Coconut does gi milk!  Try um fuh old time sake!

All my family are way more educated than you, every single one!  None of us are coffee makers!

Your family got kicked, ours was awarded!  Eat yuh heart out!

BTW, How is Gilda Smith doing these days?

How come you don’t brag about your sister who is in a mental institution in North Carolina?