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Dis Gyal Bibi prappa hot mouth and always claiming that members are someone else. Gyal Bibi me is Sean by the Lake. You juss pull out you pen knife on me. Luckily me in not a lane cause it would a stab me in de chest.

Anyway, you are on record of cussing down ALI and Jagdeo and now all of a sudden you tun PPP friend ?  What happening Gyal, you should not behave like Ralph and stab the PPP in de back wid you pen knife. 100 years of PPP support gone down de lane. 

Me is not a top brass PPP man in the same manner you is not a PPP Gyal. Tek you Belna and go balay some rotie. Dem dhall belly ANUS party bais hungry. 


You don’t know a rat’s ass about PPP and politics.  The only thing you know to do on GNI is to blow hot air and cuss Oman and people family who you don’t even know.  

People like you are the reason the PPP lost the election in 2015.  There was misconduct and you turned a blind eye instead of trying to correct.  Same story is repeating itself for 2020.  Those of us who have the guts and decency to call out wrongdoing even when it’s our own party will be the winners.

You can bray all day on GNI like a hyena and follow the liars like sheep.  But I won’t do that.  I have to the gall to stand up to my leaders and tell them when wrong is wrong because it’s not worth the risk of losing another election.

You and your PNC cohorts are celebrating a big mistake because you know who will benefit.  Carib spelled it out last January and he was correct.  The PNC boys are hibernating and buying their whiskey in abundance because we made a stupid mistake.

I do not care about your fite with Ugli. I take umbrage with the idea that the PPP lost because of a "mistake". They lost because they thought themselves invulnerable and can participate in any sort of corrupt practice with no fear of repercussion. The organizing agency of what was a PPP kleptocracy was Jagdeo and he still holds of the reins pony he intend to ride into office again. 

He is suffocating the party , when pointed out , some daub you with all kind of names.

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