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Reply to "PPP fund raising dinner NY $200.00 tickets"

Billy Ram Balgobin posted:
Bibi Haniffa posted:
Amral posted:

He said tickets will sell out and Jagdeo will be there 

Wow.  That’s incorrect.  The tickets are $50. I have tickets and information for the event.  But I don’t want to post it on GNI because The last time All kind of lagoo Bagoo show up.  If anyone is interested in attending please PM me.

There is also a private event which is not open to the public.

I got a text days ago from a supporter inviting me to attend. It's $50 

I don't know why anyone would want to misinform Amral about this event.  

I also got two hits. It’s $50 they said.  Cannot commit, too many things to do. Christmas shopping got screwed up with ice and snow, now I’m under pressure.  Plus me pu.ssy cyat not interested in dem politics tings!  Too many lagoo bagoo!

Anyway I prefer to see/hear Dr Irfaan Ali PhD!

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