Reply to "PPP/C plans to revive specialty hospital project"

Baseman posted:
Prince posted:
Sean posted:

AFC PNC voted down the PPP effort to build a speciality hospital.

What did the PNC build instead ? Nada, Nothing.

Is sheer haplessness wid AFC PNC.

PPP built the Marriot, thank god. PNC wanted to break it down ! It has now became the best thing since sliced bread.

PNC can't even run a cake shop, how can they run a country?

Sean, do you know that the government is there to build the country to facilitate its citizens and find ways to link transportation for economic benefits and job creation? That how a country is developed. Whatever the govt builds belong to the state since taxpayer money is spent to do everything. Jagdeo is not supposed to take credit for that. That's his job to do the country's business. I give him credit to carry out his vision of Guyana. But even to that, he can lose the election. Granger didn't do anything and still, he feels he can win over Jagdeo. Do you see how these things work? It's now what you do, it's how you convinced the Guyanese electorates. 

Why don’t you shut yuh poke 🤣if you don’t know what to say.

Tell dee Princess deh an' leh she kno wha fuh cover up.

Princess loves to babble nonsense hoping fuh get lil attention.