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Originally posted by raymond:
Constitution after 19 years! Big Grin They cannot think for themselves...lack creativity or ideas...just plain dumb set ah crooks!

Ray, the 1980 "Burnham Constitution" was annulled in 2001 and a new constitution was adopted. This occurred under the PPP/C.
Here's how the Government Information Agency describes the new constitution:
"A special Constitutional Reform Constitution (CRC) comprising representatives of all parties in Parliament was formed to undertake the process of constitutional reform. The recommendations of the CRC were implemented immediately after the 2001 elections. Some features of the new Constitution are as follows:
(a) The Parliament remains a uni-cameral Legislature;
(b) There are now 65 elected members of Parliament, with a possible extra member,i.e. 66 members, should a special situation arise;
(c) Forty members are directly elected under a system of PR at the national level, with a further 25 members elected at the regional level, with the various regions having a different number of representatives according to their population;
(d) The National Congress of Local Democratic Organs (NCLDO) has been abolished;
(e) The Leader of Government business in Parliament is the Prime Minister; the President still is not a member of Parliament.
(f) The government is elected for a five-year term;
(g) The Prime Minister is the first Vice- President and he becomes Acting- President whenever the President is abroad;
(h) All the excessive powers of the President have been abolished."