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Django posted:
Amral posted:
Zed posted:

I have said my piece and notified both DJ and Amral  that when DJ assumes ownership of the site, to delete my membership. Until then, I will continue to post if allowed to. Then I will revert to my original posture which was reading as a guest.

Within the profile settings, members have the option of deactivating their own profile.

Anyone who no longer wishes to be members of the Forum , can go to UPDATE YOUR PROFILE , there are two choices (1) Deactivate account  (2) Delete account

Members have the control of removing membership.

Sad to see some wants to leave . When there were unwanted situations , my former boss used to say " it's not the end of the world ".

My thoughts ....

1. There will be a change in ownership/management of the site around June/July 2020 ; hence there will be issues from all sides.

2. Also it is election time in Guyana and also there will be varied views; some extremely strong.

3. Given those two of other points; perhaps GNI-Management Staff and GNI-members can bear out the situation until after the elections.

My expectations ...

Perhaps, all can remain as members to see how issues develop with the new management and make a decision in about a year's time -- July 2021.