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Good to have the rules, it’s a guidance. Hey Amral, you backside couldn’t have enforced the rules because you are guilty of breaking them - and that’s the fun part here. we are freaking adults here man,If the new guard wanna enforce  those rules, good luck with his site.Just like how PNC people ruins everything they put their hand on, unfortunately, this will be next .

The tek over guard said we have “ no cost privileges to post on this forum “
“ I man loosing me patience” 

From since the announcement ,your negativity is glaring ,this Forum survived all the years ,and will continue to be active .Straight shooters don't fail ,they withstand pessimism.

I will exposed you again for your  lies, when I get the time to find my post of support to you .

If I recall, it was New Years Eve when Amral  makes you a “ Moderatar “ and the discussion about you taking over later in the year . I went further to offered you any support needed on this site and the new site you created, I also offered suggestions how it can generate a income. 
I called you out for your Hypocrisy.

Yes the forum survived for all the years under Amral leadership, NOT YOU. Take a look what has been said from members for the last three weeks with your high handed dictator attitude. 

Of course I would like to see this site survive for another 17 plus years under you, but change your attitude and willingness to accept criticism. 

Since last year it was mentioned ,there seems to be an issue ,that's how it's perceived to be.You seem to continuously harping since the announcement ,trying to bring all sorts unfounded credibility claims.

I am not interested in generating income, could have done that years ago with my company website, which gets thousands of hits monthly. I know the in and out how that can be done.

Seems you have an axe to grind ,there will always be complaints ,not everyone embraced changes.

This is my last response to you ,regarding this discussion.

Have a great day !!!!

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